Water Main

Installing the 12” fire and domestic water main down Main St. of the Shopping Center. We have received over 150” of rainfall at the site this year but have only missed half a dozen working days due to the weather. Much credit to Goodfellow Bros. for continuing to find ways to move forward despite heavy rains and volcanic eruptions.

Wetland Sewer Treatment

A view of the center looking east. The rectangular pit in the lower section of the photo is for a 5,000 sf Wetland sewer treatment. All waste water generated on the site  processed mechanically then run thru the 5,000 sf pond planted with native vegetation selected for it’s ability to clarify the water before being deposited into 15,000 sf of drainfield located under the parking lot.

New Shopping Center

Development by

Phase 1



A premiere shopping Center Development on the big island of hawaii

Leasing Contacts

Gary L. Pinkston


Ph: (415) 264-3621

Jon McElvaney


Ph: (808) 938-2033

Tim Moody


Ph: (415) 789-5530 x2

Lou Lebeau


Ph: (916) 519-7019



Meridian Pacific, Ltd. - Gary L. Pinkston

Waipahu, HI

Bldg D

Building D foundation and framing. The building will create spaces for the following tenants- Under Bodhi Tree, Bonsai, SusHi and Pizza Hut.

Site Plan

View South Across the Site

A view of the center from above the Kahakai Blvd extension looking south across the site and towards Fissure 8 in the distant background.

View West Across the Site

View from over Pahoa Village Rd looking west across the center. The new road extension of Kahakai Blvd can be seen to the right of the shopping center.


Goodfellow Bros., Inc.

Kihei, HI


Riehm Owensby Planners Architects

Kailua-Kona, HI